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Charles + Linkesta

Hi Jessica, Thanks so much for your kind words. We had such a wonderful time in Kauai, it made leaving so tough for us! We truly appreciated all the efforts put in by you, and your amazing team. You, for one, are so on top of things it’s hard to believe you have a life outside of this!

Meghan was so incredibly wonderful. My hair and makeup were perfect. She followed the photos I showed her to a T. I didn’t have anyone else there. She stayed longer and even helped get me into my dress…totally not in her job description.
Johnathan drove me to the wedding location, again not in his job description I imagine, but definitely helped ease our minds. He was patient, and a great coach to chuck and I through the photo taking process.
Hailey spent more time with Chuck and he and I both appreciated her keeping things organized and helping us during the ceremony. I believe she sent my head lei and flowers to the hotel which made her a life saver. I didn’t want to put that in my hair on my own. She took photos and videos for us. So supportive and helpful!
I also cannot say enough about Aokai and Kahu Ai. Chuck and I were thoroughly impressed and appreciative of their professionalism and effort to make us feel important, and like family. The words they used were perfectly aligned with our lives, and really touched our hearts. You are all truly special and we would recommend this group to anyone who asks for advice in the future.

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