Kaua'i Wedding Locations

Hanalei Bay Wedding

North Shore, Kaua’i | Hanalei Bay offers several great locations for a beach wedding, with fantastic mountain and ocean views! The section by the pier has the most dramatic mountain views.

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Anini Beach Wedding

North Shore, Kaua’i | The vast stretches of calm ocean and vast open sky make a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

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Puu Poa Beach

North Shore, Kaua’i | This hidden beach will frame your ceremony with luscious greenery and mountains in the distance.

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Kalihiwai Falls Wedding

North Shore, Kaua’i | This beautifully secluded location is a ideal for a private, exotic, waterfall wedding. Kalihiwai Falls is a beautiful two-tiered fall that is visible from the Kilauea bridge.

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Papa Loa Bay Wedding

East Side, Kaua’i | This beautifully secluded cove is located on the northern side of Wailua Beach and at the mouth of the Wailua River.

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Keoneloa Bay Wedding

South Side, Kaua’i – Shipwrecks Beach (Keoneloa Bay) was named for an old, wooden shipwreck that has long since disappeared.

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Tunnels Beach Wedding

North Shore, Kaua’i | This stretch of golden sand backed by ironwood trees, tropical palms and lush mountains is a spectacular backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

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