Hanalei Bay Wedding

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Hanalei Bay offers several great locations for a beach wedding, with fantastic mountain and ocean views!  The section by the pier has the most dramatic mountain views, with several waterfalls flowing down at certain times of the year.  The opposite end of the 3 mile long beach is very beautiful and private spot we love for ceremonies as well.  – Hanalei Bay is one of our favorites

This 125-foot-wide white sand beach is the largest bay on Kauai and is located between Hanalei River to the east and Waipa River to the west. Three rivers, Hanalei, Waioli, and Waipa, cross the beach to meet with the ocean bottom that slopes gently to overhead depths. Many shallow sandbars are located in the center of the beach. Small patches of reef can be found in the center of the bay and the larger coral reefs are located at the ends of the bay.
Three beach parks are located on Hanalei Bay: Black Pot Beach Park, Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park, and Wai’oli Beach Park. Each of these parks offer public restrooms, showers, and parking. Black Pot Beach Park borders the mouth of the Hanalei River and is also the site of a public boat ramp and a 300-foot-long pier, formerly known as Hanalei Landing.
Closer to shore, at the pier, the waves are perfect for anyone that is learning to surf. If you move towards the middle sections of the bay, you will find that the waves are variably sized and good for body boarding and intermediate level surfers. Larger waves are produced at a reef on the right hand side of the bay.

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