Anini Beach Wedding

The vast stretches of calm ocean and vast open sky make a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding ceremony . There are some areas with dramatic black rocks against the soft sand which provide a gorgeous setting for wedding photos. This beach is one of the most convenient beaches on the North Shore with ample parking, multiple beach entrances, and easy access. The drive alone to Anini Beach will be an unforgettable experience that will have you pulling over every 200 feet to take photos.

Find your own little piece of tranquility by venturing past the beach park main entrance and campground facility where you will discover many small, private beaches along the side of the road. In the evening, this beach is usually quiet and empty which makes the sunset even more breathtaking.

In the Summer, Anini Beach is a great spot for sunset dinners, and a very relaxing place to spend an evening in Paradise. Anini Beach is recognized as one of the safest and most protected beaches along the North Shore due to the reef that stretches long as the beach. This is Hawaii’s longest offshore reef, running two miles long and protecting the coastline of Anini. This reef supports a calmer current, perfect for off shore pole, spear, and throw-net fishing, while offering spectacular snorkeling in the shallower areas. Gazing from the shore you can observe the peaceful lagoon created by the reef and see why Anini Beach appeals to wind-based sports like windsurfing and kite boarding. Some areas can be quite windy.

*Fun Fact:
Anini Beach was first called “Wanini Beach” but no one knows the exact reason for why the W was lost. Some believe the W simply fell of the beach sign while others claim a local enraged resident used a shotgun to shoot off the W, claiming that he was certain the correct spelling was Anini Beach.

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