Recovering on Kauai after 2018 Flooding

Whenever Kauai is faced with adversity our amazing community always comes together and shows the world that we are stronger than ever. Over the past few days, donations have been flowing in to support the recovery efforts here on the north shore. All of our vendors, friends and families are dedicated to our island and look forward to an amazing summer here filled with the Aloha spirit.

If you are interested in donating to assist Kauai and it people with its recovery here is a list of our top charities to donate too:

We love Hanalei was created by very well respected local citizens including Gabby Reece and Laird Hamilton. ” Due to the massive excessive flooding from  Hanalei to Ha’ena our town has been completely devastated. We are raising funds for North Shore residents who have lost so many things in this tragic flood.  We are going to disperse the funds with a team and give them specifically to friends and family who are in complete devastation.  People have lost homes, boats, cars,  so many personal items it’s impossible to list them all.   If you would like your funds to go to a specific family, item, or area please designate.  We LOVE our home!!!!!” You can also check out their facebook page ” We Love Hanalei”

Malama Kaua’i is a community-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on advocating, educating, and driving action towards a sustainable Kaua’i. Malama Kaua’i is accepting donations that will go directly to purchasing supplies. Every little bit helps.

Namolokama and Hanalei Canoe Club are completely devastated. Today Namolokama recovered 5 canoes and Hanalei was able to recover 3. Dozens of OC6 and OC1 are broken or missing, along with canvases, rigging equipment, dollies, racks, and everything else that goes into managing a canoe club.

Kauai Humane Society is looking for donations to assist with feeding and sheltering all of the displaced animals during this storm! They are also providing food to animals who have been evacuated.

We have made these suggestions knowing that the funds donated will be staying here on Kauai and helping the people who need it here! Mahalo for your support!

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