Beach Elopement on Kauai

As I watched the sacred wedding ceremony unfold, happiness filled my heart. The young couple stood on the sandy beach as the sun turned the sky into shades of gold only seen on Kauai. I noticed Naomi, the photographer, was smiling as she captured the special moments of the intimate ceremony. It seemed to me that the calm and serene ocean had slowed down to witness the holy union of two beautiful souls deeply in love.

Jonathan and Jenny were eloping from their busy lives in California and getting hitched on the beautiful island of Kauai. Just the two of them.

It wasn’t always the plan. They had started plotting their dream wedding a year ago. The ceremony was going to be a fifty people affair. Close family and friends. The reception was to have about two hundred people. It seemed like a fun project for Jonathan and Jenny to do together. So they decided to do it all themselves.

Slowly the things started getting stressful. What was supposed to be fun turned out to be more work than they had bargained for. Coordinating countless meetings with vendors, negotiating prices, trying to accommodate all the relatives, things got hectic.  As the wedding date approached, Jon and Jenny spent most of their time together planning their wedding. It wasn’t fun anymore. Keeping everyone happy was impossible. Jen’s mom changed the guest list twice and didn’t even like the invitation cards that Jen loved. Little obstacles kept cropping up and at the end they got so overwhelmed by all the planning that they decided to run away to Kauai and get married on the beach.

And that’s exactly what they did.

Jonathan called us, he had found us through Wedding Wire. We were happy to help Jon and Jenny create their dream Kauai wedding. We organized everything for the couple, from a flower petal walkway to a tradition Hawaiian ukulele player, and flower petal toss at the end.

After the ceremony the couple thanked us for making their dream come true. They headed back to California later that week for their reception party with friends and family to celebrate their union.

This is what Jenny had to say about her wedding, “We had no stress to make anything happen and were fully able to enjoy the beauty of our ceremony and the island. It was exactly what we wanted!  Now I can’t imagine having a wedding any other way. I am so glad we eloped with the help of these friendly people!’

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