Surprise 25th Anniversary Vow Renewal on Kauai

Jim wanted to celebrate his 25th Wedding Anniversary with a surprise vow renewal ceremony during their vacation on Kauai. He worked with Jessica to plan out every detail, including a gorgeous bouquet and flower hair clip he ordered for his wife Rosemary.  He asked us to hire a guitar player to sing ‘their song’ , which the musician was happy to learn just for them.

He told Rosemary they were going to a luau at Smith’s tropical garden, a place they both know and love, and that he wanted to go early to see the gardens.  He even suggested she wear a certain white dress, which she happily agreed to.  When they arrived at the gate, we arranged for the host to greet them with her little cart and give them a ‘guided tour’.  

The musician, officiant, photographer, and I were waiting at a beautiful spot by a lake with a flower petal walkway set up; we were all ready to go.  Once they drove up, and the musician started to play, it took a few moments for Rosemary to fully comprehend what was happening. She had absolutely no idea he was planning this, and she was completely surprised and thrilled!  Her smile never stopped, except for the tears of joy shed here and there.  I gave her the beautiful bouquet, and helped her place her hair clip, then she walked down the isle of magenta flowers to the love of her life.  After the ceremony, they had another half hour of photos around the gardens.

And they lived happily ever after…

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