Kauai & Covid-19

Many of you may be wondering when Kauai will re-open for tourism. No one knows for sure, but we are beginning to see positive reports indicating the state is making progress toward a plan. As you may already know, Hawaii’s 14-day quarantine requirement for returning residents and visitors has been extended through July 30th. Just last week a new article confirmed Hawaii had received clarification from the FAA and US Dept of Transportation regarding passenger COVID testing: Feds Give Green Light to Test Toursists Prior to Arrival in Hawaii. Another article discussed this testing as a strategy to re-open safely: “By having people tested beforehand, it reduces the risk very greatly on all those good people that are going to be taking care of the tourists,” said Josh Green. Green says the state will likely require a negative COVID-19 test from any passenger before arriving in Hawaii. Here is a link to the complete article: Lt. Governor Josh Green hopes to re-open Hawaii’s tourism industry by July.  

Kauai is in excellent shape and there were only 21 cases total and zero deaths. Our Mayor has begun phased reopening with many restaurants open for take out and most shops have reopened as well.  Golf, zip-lining, and various other activities are also allowed.  Mayor Kawakami announced this week that the next phase of re-opening is planned for June, reducing more restrictions. If you missed it, here is a great video put together by Joel Guy and the Hanalei Initiative: COVID-19 effect on Hanalei
If you are on-island, don’t forget to support local businesses! For those not on Kauai, we are offering a discount on any elopement package with proof of purchase from any Kauai business for up to $150 ie. gift cards, online orders, etc.

We will continue to keep you updated and in the meantime please stay safe and well!

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